Plot to Unravel the Chinese Empire

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Plot to Unravel the Chinese Empire

Post by colSteve » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:28 pm

I get more hits from Chinese hackers on my router than there are stars in the imaginary sky. So I came up with a plot to get even, and I am hoping you will join me.

First thing I did is find a Chinese wire manufacturer, and order 1 million USB cables with the voltage wires reversed so they don't work. Then I found a Chinese gun manufacturer, and ordered 20,000 AK-47's where the safety switch isn't attached to anything. And I ordered 2 million ribbon cable connectors with pin 2 shorted to every other pin.

All this I did with a $22,000 deposit. Because they know if I don't pay it is $22,000 free money. They can just sell the parts to someone else.

Now I have no plans to pay for any of this. And when I don't, it will all be sold as surplus right there in China. And since none of these flaws can be detected with the naked eye, the flawed parts will mix in with the good parts. And those Chinese will be shooting themselves, building machines that don't work, and frying their USB devices for at least 50 years. Because that stuff will never get thrown away, just resold after whoever uses it dies or goes bankrupt.

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