Two front doors was my idea!

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Two front doors was my idea!

Post by colSteve » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:27 am

God bless my looney-toon granddaughter Christine Blasey-Ford. She still has never kissed a boy without making voodoo dolls of him 10 minutes later. But having two front doors was my idea from a long time ago to trick the revenuers.

See, we would put the legal address on the front door to nowhere, the one we didn't use. That way, any time somebody came knocking on that door, we would know it was the law. Zeke even had an idea to put a trap door under there with like a pit to alligators, but we never got around to that part.

And now little miss Crazy Train comes along making her husband how to do things the way her grandparents taught her, and she makes up some lie about how it was her idea! I know she was born with only one lobe in her brain and we had to keep her locked up with stuffed animals to keep her from wandering into the lake. But a little confidence can go too far to where a person becomes a predator.

Still haven't seen a senator educated well enough to know that grain alcohol has nothing to do with interstate commerce. As does also not flying to Micronesia, except in Time of War you dipsticks.


Two front doors was my idea

Post by BaronDit » Fri May 24, 2019 11:30 am

but have you actually recounted the situation given all those If i were to say... situations?

Lets just look at the first one:

"If I were to tell you that there existed two doors, the truth of that would be the same as the truth of this."

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