How to seal a Billionaire in his Bunker.

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How to seal a Billionaire in his Bunker.

Post by colSteve » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:50 pm

A lot of folks been asking me "Coronelle Steve, you got yourself a bunker for when the apocalypse comes?"

Hell no, I don't have a bunker. Because come the day of perdition, I am going to be the one sealing the evildoers in their bunkers, as a purgatory of their own design.

You may have a billionaire that you expect to inherit money from, or maybe you just don't like. And so you are wondering "When he goes down in his doomsday hole, how can I seal the door so he never gets out?" The answer is to use welded steel. And then you can take over whatever estates, or other assets he leaves on the surface, and nobody will be around to complain.

You are going to have a while to work, because he is going to be down there eating his canned tuna for at least a few days. But a can opener won't bust through welded steel. The best part is, you can go around to all the boltholes you sealed, and listen for a tinkering. That way you can hear anyone who is starting to come close to getting out, and add more steel. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time. It will take at least a few days of banging and clanging, before one even comes close to getting out.

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