X-Shaped Wheels and The Devil

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X-Shaped Wheels and The Devil

Post by colSteve » Sat May 26, 2018 7:41 pm

A lot of folks ask me "Coronelle Steve, how come is it that your electric slave has X-shaped wheels?"

An X-shaped wheel pays homage to the Confederate Flag. A round wheel pays homage to that muslim crescent flag. An X-shaped wheel also pays homage to the cross upon which the Risen Christ died for your sins and mine. People think they are rolling much smoother on a round wheel. But if you are rolling ungodly, then come the day of perdition you won't be rolling at all. That is why these are the same wheels I have on my truck, and on my private airplane that I own together with my Uncle and some other members of my extended family.

Another thing the X-shaped wheel does, is inoculate Ms. Bunny against the Devil's device, stairs. Kind of like Cotton Mather inoculated folks with the cow pox. People become proud, and they want to use stairs to try to be up on high, like unto God himself. Or a musician may sell his soul for the proverbial "stairway to heaven." A fancy man might imagine that he is riding high with his many floors, like the Tower of Babel. But on the day of perdition, Ms. Bunny is going to come up those stairs and smite thee.

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